Canoeing on the Ferenc canal

Kenutura Ferenc csatorna

This Canal with its rich historical past is an internationally important water management and technical facility connecting the southern part of Hungary and the northern part of Serbia. On the Hungarian side, it branches off from Sugovica at Baja and in Serbia, it flows into the river Danube at Bezdán, at the Sebesfok lock.

Its length is 32.2 km in Hungary, 10.6 km in Serbia, and it forms a border with a length of 2 km. The canal runs partly in the path of former dead Danube branches, partly in artificial, dug beds. The banks of the canal are bordered by reeds and forest, providing excellent habitat for birds. During the canoeing we can take a look at the bird species living here.

Canoes and kayaks can be rented at the Ponty-Porony Guesthouse in Nagybaracska and at the Ponty-Lak Guesthouse in Dávod for a fee.