Light rail trip in the forest of Gemenc:

Gemenci kisvasut

Gemenc State Forest Railway (Pörböly – Gemenc – Bárányfok)

The forest of Gemenc is located at the west border of the Great Plain, in Sárköz.  It ranges in 30 km-s length and 5-10 km-s witdth south of the estuary of Sió.
It is not only the largest floodplain forest of Hungary with its 180 km2 area which if flooded regularly but it is also unique throughout Europe.

From the source of river Danube to the delta region of  Black Sea there isn’t another such large, connected floodplain forest.  The area with national park protection is in the asset management of Gemenci Erdő- és Vadgazdaság Zrt. The light rail of Gemenc travels around here in 30 km-s length connecting to the route of Great Plain Blue Tour. Its starting station is in Pörböly – 8 km-s from Baja -, in the Ecotourist Center of Gemenc Zrt. The other endpoint is Bárányfok, 6 km-s from Szekszárd.

The light rail of Gemenc runs everyday according to schedule. On summer weekends not only diesel locomotives run but steam powered nostalgia trains also goes around the floodplains. Stations at the border of the forest are Pörböly and Keselyűs. Scheduled routes are only available on summer weekends. On weekdays and in fall, winter and autumn we can only travel from Pörböly to Malomtelelő (8 km-s). Excepting tourist season the light rail only comes out once a day from the Ecotourist Center of Pörböly. In winter closed and heated cars await the passangers.

The forest railway tour in Gemenc can be supplemented with cruises, horseback riding, cycling, walking and canoeing, for which a professional guide can be requested. Larger groups can also use scheduled routes – this must be announced in advance (e-mail: For a fee, a special train will be launched, which must be ordered 14 days in advance. The special trains will run at the requested time and on the basis of the agreed timetable, in accordance with the agreed timetable. The special trains will run at the requested time and on the basis of the agreed timetable, in accordance with the agreed timetable.

In Gemenc, a cruise ship port has been connected to passenger traffic, rain stops, rest areas, forest playgrounds, educational trails, observation towers, water tour harbor and rest areas, permanent exhibitions and other demonstration sites are being established continuously along the popular light rail track. With the exception of two railways, freight transport is no longer carried out on Hungarian forest railways – one of them is the Gemenc State Forest Railway.