Wine tasting at Hajós

Hajosi pincefalu

“A village where only wine lives, but you are always a welcome guest” – Hajós – Cellar-village

Hajós is located in the southern part of Hungary, 20 km far from Kalocsa, which provides pleasant relaxation for visitors at any time of the year. Its inhabitants are 85% Swabians. After the Turkish rule, the Archbishop of Kalocsa, Count Imre Csáki from Germany, settled families here in several shifts. Those who came here took advantage of the opportunities offered by the “new home”.

It is about 3 km away, vineyards were planted on the loess ridge along the Danube, and wine cellars were dug into the loess bank below. The cellars are average 20-70 meters long, their temperature is 10-14 degrees Celsius regardless of the season, so excellent wines are matured in them. The cellar village, unique in Europe, consists of 24 streets and 1,200 cellars. Walking through its cosy streets, you can visit the cellars and taste the wines aged in the cellar.

In the famous Villány wine region, next to Villány, there is a three-storey cellar village, which is also world-famous and offers a picturesque view. There are a few dozen basement buildings here. In contrast, the Hajós Cellar Village boasts more than a thousand cellars, only the number of crooked, winding streets in the hilly cellar village are more dozens. The intention to compare the two cellar villages is far from us, but the fact that Hajós is on a completely different scale, you can even spend an entire day walking between the cellars, but it also provides a multi-day program and recreation.

If you have never heard of the traditional village hospitality of the inhabitants of the town, which has a centuries-old history of winemaking and wine production, if you want to know more about the customs, traditions, wine culture of the people living here, if you feel would you like to take part in a real harvest party, or simply want to relax and spend a few days in this fantastic, unique cellar village of the world, please get to know us!

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