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Pentecost in the Bácska!

Pentecost is the fiftieth day after Easter. In Christian worship, we celebrate the day of the coming of the Holy Spirit. It has become a dominant holiday in Hungary and in the Bácska region, but Christian customs are mixed with pagan folk traditions, so that as spring approaches it also becomes a festival of fertility. Many folk customs developed nationwide, such as the election of the king and the procession of the queen on Pentecost. 

In Bácska, one of the best known customs at Pentecost is the ladik (ladiking) of Szeremle. On Pentecost Monday, the young men in their boats would invite the girls they had chosen to go boating in the Danube estuary, and if the girls accepted, they would decorate the boats with flowers and ribbons and then get into their boats. At Pentecost, during a family holiday, you can see this beautiful folk tradition in Szeremle, a few minutes from Dávod. 

Come and visit during the Pentecost long weekend. Relive this folk tradition and show it to your children. 

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