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Team building in and around the fishing soup capital!

To ensure that workplace cohesion and collaboration between subordinates and management is appropriate and productive, team builders are needed from time to time. Our guesthouses in the rural, Baška countryside provide the perfect place for these occasions. Our guesthouses and B&Bs are equipped with a wellness area, where a complete – work – free relaxation is guaranteed. We offer both active and passive relaxation at affordable prices. Bácska is famous for its quality wines. Be it Hajós or Nemesnádudvar. Its atmospheric cellar rows and vineyards provide a real relaxation for those who are “escaping” from the rush and stress of the big city. Canoeing and boating on the canals and rivers of the area also give people a sense of relaxation. And it would be a mistake to miss out on a Baja fisherman soup

Contact us with confidence for a meaningful, quality, affordable, rural team-building experience in the heart of Bácska.

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Pentecost in the Bácska!

Pentecost is the fiftieth day after Easter. In Christian worship, we celebrate the day of the coming of the Holy Spirit. It has become a